Play Skibidi Toilets Shooter Game


Welcome to the famous “Skibidi Toilets Shooter” game about the skibidi, who blew up the whole internet! You will face a battle with a large group of heads sticking out of the toilet bowl. Prepare for an unconventional fight by teaming up with other cameromancers to destroy these singing heads sticking out of toilets.

Your task is to destroy the Skibidi Toilet gang that has taken over the big city. Now you will be playing the role of Cameraman agent. As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire new weapons and recruit additional cameromancers to enhance your abilities. Arm yourself with an arsenal of favorite agent weapons such as plasma rain, thunderlight, and others. Develop strategies to defeat all the antagonists in the Skibidi toilet mini-series effectively. Change weapons and destroy all the protruding toilet heads armed with powerful projectiles. Many challenging levels and exciting battles await you, which will keep you from getting bored.

Category: 3D, Action, Gun, Shoot Em Up, Shooting, Upgrades, WebGL
How to play :

WASD / Arrows to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.
C to sit down. 1,2,3 to select weapons.

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