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Microcar Shootouts is a casual two-car shooter game where you pick up first aid kits and destroy the enemy with massive cannon fire.

Powerful auto-guided cannon, never ending shells, armored wheels, great speed, and the ability to fly.
You can play two, or with a bot, or watch two bots fight! Slow down mode to watch dizzying flips.
In order to win the battle with the bot, do not stop for a moment, have time to pick up first-aid kits, and attack him with continuous fire! Bots have no feelings, they are fast, ruthless, and shoot like a sniper!

Category: 2 Player, Action, Battle, Car, Shooting
How to play :

First player:
A: left.
D: right
W: jump
Space: shoot

Second player:
left, right, jump: keyboard arrows
Enter: shoot

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