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Our 3D painting algorithm becomes more powerful and versatile every day. We are constantly improving it to offer much more rewarding painting experiences, according to how you would paint in real life. This time we have taken a very important step and now the painting has become much more realistic. We have many more improvements in mind because we know that the paint you can experience in the game needs many more details and other painting tools such as being able to modify the brush to mix the colors much better.
Color with these wonderful textures the computer chair that you will have to paint during the game. Give it your own style and project your personality onto it. Try to color it using different fabrics for the parts of the chair that are made of foam and for the more solid parts, try using metallic colors or that reflect light much more easily. For the wheels you can also try other styles such as leaving them black or something that corresponds to their material. You can also change the size of the brush for places where you need more precision and do not have to go beyond the edges of the object. In larger places you can increase the size of the brush and achieve paintings with a higher level of detail.

Category: 3D, Coloring, Mouse Skill
How to play :

Use Mouse to play the game.

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